This website service exists because of the generous support we receive from our advertisers. We receive no grants or subsidies from governments, unions or any other organizations.

Unions support this website through advertising because they understand that it is good policy to help union members and other progressive consumers who choose to buy union goods and services whenever they can.

Progressive businesses purchase advertising on our site because they recognize that consumers who wish to patronize unionized businesses are seeking some assurance that workers are being fairly treated, well paid, and have the protection of a union; loyal customers are the life blood of most retail businesses.

Please contact us for the current advertising rate card which applies to your area.

Here's how our advertising works

Ads on websites work quite differently from other media. Here is a brief explanation.

Banner Ad - There is only one position, at the very top of the page. This is the most prominent position on the entire website.

Side Ad - Three ads appear down the right side of the page, interspersed with other non-advertising material. Side ads will change positions from top to bottom on a random basis.

Ads on mobile phones - the banner ad appears at the top of the page at a smaller size but double resolution. Side ads follow the content at the bottom of the page at full size.

Our ad sizes conform to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standard ad sizes so if youíve designed an ad for another site, thereís a good chance you can use it on Otherwise, ask for our Ad Specification Sheet.

The ads feature space for your message, and the entire ad acts as a link to your own website. The most effective website ads feature ëteaserí copy to get the visitor interested enough in the subject that they will click the ad and read more on your web site. This is where the real selling takes place. Many advertisers create a special web page expanding on the message from the ad.

Ad rotation - All the ads change with each page view, which allows us to accommodate a greater number of advertisers on the site. Premium ads appear twice as frequently as Standard ads, and Economy Ads (where available) appear half as frequently. Ad frequency is a function of the ad category you have chosen as well as the number of ads on the site.

One-year contract  - All our ads are sold on a one-year contract, plus tax, paid in advance. Please direct any questions regarding advertising to John Lynn at 604-258-9084.

Jan. 2016