We had an eight-year run, but the time has come to wrap it up

This website was launched on Jan. 1 2012 to provide progressive Canadian consumers with a broad library of products and services which are produced by union members.

We believe we accomplished that task extremely well.

Our data was provided by unions and other sources and was made available free of charge to consumers by this website which was accessible equally from a desktop computer, a tablet, or a cell phone. It employed a key word search, which meant that as you walked down the mall you could simply type ‘shoes’ in the search box and you would instantly be presented with a comprehensive listing of all of the brands and manufacturers of shoes which were made union.  Simple. Elegant. Quick.

Prior to the creation of ShopUnion.ca, local unions or federations produced paper lists of unionized companies and the products they made.  Unfortunately that list was usually kept in a drawer or pinned on a bulletin board at home. It didn’t go with you while you shopped.

ShopUnion.ca solved the access problem by giving unions and unionized companies an inexpensive and fair way of funding this service. We asked them to buy ads costing less than $2,000 a year to help fund the process of collecting the data and maintaining it on the web site.

Regretably, initial union enthusiasm for the program tapered off, to the point where it was no longer feasible for us to maintain the service. I was forced to make the decision to shut down the service effective September, 2019 after almost eight years of helping consumers identify and buy union goods and services.  This website is now being maintained on a private server, not accessible to the general public, as we search for an organization which is interested in reviving it again. I fervently hope we are successful in that search.

In Solidarity,

John Lynn, Publisher, 604-258-9084