You want an app? We'll give you one better.

 A number of our users have asked us to develop an app for their smartphone so it will be easier for them to check items out on

We checked the stats and discovered that nearly 40% of our visits are coming from mobile devices, likely when people are out shopping and wish to find something which is union-made.

After researching the options, we decided that the best technical solution was to re-design the site using responsive design technology. Instead of having to create an app for every single mobile platform, the website will adapt to utilize the full screen of any device. Smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile...they'll all work.

To get app-like functionality on your mobile device, you can save a link that will work just like an app, and take you right to

We have created a little video to help you load it onto your iPhone or iPad. Other platforms will be similar.